christmas rush around

 I am finally getting around the putting up the Christmas decorations in our home! I cannot believe
how long it has taken me this year.  I have been really distracted trying to get on top of
all of those little jobs on my very long 'to do' list. You know the list.... we all have them &
especially if you are an ideas kind of girl! 

I bought these gorgeous cane baskets awhile ago now. They are perfect for storing our
fresh eggs from our hens... 

At the time I loved the black trim...but when I finally got around to ordering some Annie
Sloan ChalkPaint (another thing ticked off the list), I couldn't resist painting over the black.

 It's taking about three coats to cover the black...

but being about 40°c outside today it's not taking long to dry at all...

I love how fresh they look now... is there nothing white paint can't fix!