Saturday, October 19, 2013

weekend in the garden...

We've had so much spring rain... it has slowed us down with any gardening jobs we would normally do at this time of year ~ mulching & weeding etc.

The roses are blooming... the palest creamy old fashioned english rose has the tiniest sharpest thorns & soft blown petals. For some reason it never lasts longer than two or three days before the petals drop...

The apricot rose was an anniversary gift a few years ago... I cannot remember the name but I love the washed out colours together. 

Our crab apple is starting to bloom... it's a very old gnarly tree & always produces a lot of fruit. I've been saving my jam jars so that I can make some crab-apple jelly to have with biscuits & cheese...

It's a little late flowering this year as it's been slower to warm up here in Melbourne...

but with the amount of rain we have had I am hoping for a good crop...

 We planted a pink lady apple two years ago & this is the first year it has flowered... 

soft white blossoms that float away in the breeze...
I adore the scent of lilacs, we planted two white lilacs in our front yard this year... this is the
first bloom we have had! So excited I can't wait until I can pick bunches of these to bring inside...

Our box hedges along the front yard are filled with classic white iceburg roses...

love how the petals of white stand out against the green hedge...


  1. I love the gentke beauty of your garden. I think tour delicate english rose might be the same one i have called Castle Glavis i believe. I will be in the garden this weekend too planting more lettuce and spinach and winter veggies.

  2. your blooms are lovely..we are seeing the very last of ours here on teh east coast of America. the brilliant foliage abounds though....happy fall!

  3. What beauties ... I keep promising myself a white lilac ... I have the same pale roses but as you say ... they fall apart after a coupe of days ... shame

  4. Beautiful creamy whites in your garden Kerry!
    I would love to grow a white lilac but where I am the climate's not right for them - maybe it's the humidity. Like peonies which I adore but they need frosts in winter which we don't get here....
    Have a happy week

  5. Kerry,
    Beautiful pictues of your lovely garden. I am happy your pink lady apple tree bloomed for you this year! We are just getting ready to pick out crop of Pink Lady Apples. When there is a long Autumn, like this one, they finally get a sweet taste to them. But you can only taste it after the third bite of the apple. I love pink ladies, this makes we want to make my yummy carmel sauce to dip pink ladies in! Now you've made my mouth water...! LOL
    I love your pictures, enjoy your spring!

  6. Your garden is so beautiful. I was so inspired, now I want to plant more apples.

  7. Just enjoying your pictures again Kerry!
    Hope all is well with you!

  8. Your blog is so soothing to me! Gorgeous pictures, thank you for sharing :)


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