Thursday, October 17, 2013

weathered wicker, linen & greywashing our front door

Over the last few months I have been giving our entryway a little makeover. We first replaced
the front door with a Tassie Oak, half french door & hung a lovely soft linen Myriad curtain panel I bought from Tricia at Rough Linen

I first stained the door a maple colour & am now in the process of limewashing it with a soft grey. This took some convincing at the local paint store ~ they have never heard of anyone greywashing their front door before but the owner kindly made me up some samples & custom
mixed a colour. I'm not sure how many coats of greywash I will use but I can slowly add more until I get the perfect soft grey look I love. The last coat will be a waterproof sealer to protect the timber.

Beautifully light & airy, the linen curtain catches the breeze on a warm spring day...

This grey washed mirror is a favourite of mine ~ both for the gorgeous shape & soft colour...

Worn, weathered wicker... I've had this chair for about twelve years now &it just keeps aging beautifully. The seat would giveway if anyone sat on it which is why it is always filled with pillows!

 These cushion covers made from vintage linen & taupe ticking are still not finished... 
 haven't decided whether I prefer the tie closure or a button & fabric loop. The tie I made from the vintage linen looks and feels little stiff. 

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  1. I am so happy I stopped by...I'm smitten and a new follower!

  2. "Greywashing?" LOVE it! genius! Your entryway is grey gorgeousness! simple...elegant....sigh. happy grey dey thursdey! so happy you joined in! ;)

  3. What a beautiful home ... love the grey chair

  4. Hello dear Kerry
    Your ideas are lovely - I'm a grey girl too.
    I smiled when you mentioned no one can sit on your cane chair! I've got two old ones I love - the seats have almost collapsed and I've filled them with old floral cushions - they look gorgeous and inviting - but not for sitting on!!!
    Now following you mon amie!

    1. Welcome Shane & thank you for your lovely comment! My husband cannot understand my love for a chair that is faded, wornout & useless... lol x

  5. Beautiful, elegant, calm, what lovely interiors. I adore that mirror.

  6. Wow...I would have never thought I'd like a grey wicker but now seeing it....I'm really liking it!!


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