Tuesday, October 1, 2013

les jardins Versailles

I love the order of hedges & gravel paths... lavender, roses, herbs & vegetables, symmetry & scale.

 Walking through the gardens of Versailles gives a good opportunity to walk off all of those calories consumed from too many French pastries...

The gardens are vast & stunning even at the end of winter...

versailles planters

beautiful fountains

the walk to petit trianon

le pavillon français

bare winter trees

this stubborn swan could not be tempted out of the pond

love the sound of gravel underfoot...

the hamlet

We were lucky to have the hamlet all to ourselves, probably because 
it is such a long way away from the palace and it was a cold day.

The small lake is surrounded by rustic cottage buildings quaintly named - Le Boudoir,
Le Moulin, The Warming Room, The Refreshments Dairy...

I can understand the Queen's desire for a simpler life after seeing the grandeur &
 lack of privacy in the palace.

one of the quaint buildings

potager at marie antoinette's hamlet

 I dream of having a beautiful potager like this...

ready for spring planting

beautifully restored thatched roof

le boudoir

love the worn steps

 We visited the Grand Trianon on our way back to the lake for lunch...

le grand trianon

chandeliers & parquet flooring grand trianon

view from the arched walkway

beautiful french countryside on the walk back to the palace

I would love to visit Versailles again in a different season although perhaps not
with the crowds of summer.

 till next time

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  1. Lovely post, Kerry!

    I have only been there once - this time of year with perfect weather, not hot, not cold, still some gardens left - perfect blue skies, but not crowded because school was back in session. The trees hadn't turned yet and were still green.

    I think it's neat to see your winter scenes. What an amazing place.

    1. Thank you Michele, sounds like you did visit at the perfect time... I would love to go back early Autumn... there is something about the cooler months & gardens for me! x Kerry

  2. Oh my goodness...I needed to see this tonight. Thank you for sharing. Such beauty and tranquility. ..I feel it in your photos.

    1. Hi Kerrie, thank you for stopping by... thank you also for your lovely comment on my photos, beautifully said ~ the tranquility of the gardens with their winter profile was stunning & it was such a cold misty day. I am so glad I was able to capture that feeling x Kerry
      ps for some reason there was a glitch with your comment & it posted three times lol x

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