Sneak Peak

 Hello to all my lovely & old!

Here is a peak at my inspiration board for a new range of homewares I have been 
busy working on in my studio this week...

A new series of clay decor tags & linen cushion covers...all based around
coastal inspiration. The colours of sand both wet & dry, winter shades of the ocean
& word and text that conjure up images of walks along the beach...

I have to admit it's been a hard week juggling family commitments & wanting to spend
every waking moment in the studio...waking up at 3am with a mountain of ideas & 
struggling to get back to sleep!

I need to get into the laundry & wash, grocery shop & bake for the coming weekend...but all
I want to do is put my ideas together & create!

I wonder do all of us creative mums/wives struggle with the same do you manage
your creativity when it is flowing?

I'd love to hear your thoughts & any tips you may have!

I'm off now to get to my list of chores and hopefully spend the afternoon in the studio...

Best wishes

Create Your Own Textured Art

 I wanted to share with you a really simple tutorial on creating your 
own art piece using some paper 
napkins & a gallery wrapped stretched canvas.

I'm always on the lookout for pretty paper napkins... we use linen napkins a lot at home 
but when I see some of the gorgeous paper ones I'll buy them for craft ideas...
and this one is too easy!

 Now I must warn you this napkins obsession is addictive...perhaps because I can never
find the same pattern if you find some you fall in love with buy them straight away!

For this you will need -

*Paper napkins

*Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas (this is the stretched 
canvas that has the deep 2inch sides) make sure it is smaller
than your napkin size!

We will be creating a plaster like effect on each side of the canvas
and for this you will need either -
*Impasto Medium or Molding/Modelling Paste 
*Pallet knife or small spatula & a medium sandpaper
*Large paintbrush (I prefer to use a soft synthetic 1" square brush)
*Gel or Matt Medium (I like to use matt as there is no shine)
*Acrylic Paint

Preparing Your Canvas  


To achieve the rough plaster effect on the sides of your canvas,
start in the corners where the canvas is folded over, fill the fold and spread
the impasto or molding paste around the corners.
Continue spreading it along the sides until all the edges have been covered.
Don't be too precious with this step, it is meant to look rough!

If you would like to display your canvas standing up on a shelf like I do, don't apply
too much paste to the bottom edge of your canvas!
You may have to repeat this step 2-3 times to achieve the look you want
and make sure you allow it to dry well between layers.

Basically you want to round off all the hard edges.

For the final coat of molding paste I like to use a square 1" brush and bring some of
the molding paste to the face of the canvas concentrating on the front four corner areas. 

Once dry give a very light sand.

Preparing Your Napkin 


Open your napkin out and give it a quick iron to smooth out the folds.

Separate the sheets of the napkin - you only want the printed one.

Now it's time to decide where you want the napkin design placed on your canvas.



Spread the matt or gel medium over the entire face of the canvas using your paintbrush.

Gently lay the napkin on top and press into place. You need to be
careful not to tear the napkin, but don't panic if you do you can easily glue it down again.
Slight wrinkles on the surface are fine and add to the character.

Leave the napkin to hang over the edges (don't glue these down), these will 
be sanded off later.



Once completely dry you can go ahead and gently sand off the napkin edges.

I like it to look slightly worn so sand away any areas of napkin to achieve 
your desired effect.



Now your ready to age your canvas as much as you want.
You could even add a crackle medium effect at the stage too!

Mix some acrylic paint to co-ordinate with your napkin design and paint
along all the sides. Once dry, dry brush some lighter paint onto the sides & the
front as well. This will highlight all those lovely textures you have created.

Et voila....your very own piece of unique art!

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Winter Reds

Wow where has this week gone? I've been really busy in the studio creating some new
items for the shop... tucked away inside avoiding the cold weather. I'm so thankful
we have central heating... but even so I've managed to have some pretty slow starts to the day.
I know winter has arrived when one cup of tea in the morning is not enough... 
and our poor puppy Lily hasn't had a walk all week...

Here are some splashes of vintage red to warm up a room...

1. bhg  2. pinterest 3. tinsmiths 4. rusty hinge

 Wishing you all a wonderful weekend...

A Few Favourite Whites

With the sun finally shining on our Melbourne winter.....I thought I would share with 
you a few of my favourite shades of white from around my home....

These favourites sit happily on a buffet in our dining room which I like 
to change around seasonally... 

A white enamel Ikea jug (I think I have about five of these in all different sizes), white flowers & my favourite foliage to add to displays....the leaves of next door's Feijoa Tree.  These leaves have the perfect amount of grey to complement my white/grey displays...and they also last for weeks!

 The lamp with it's lovely soft chalky grey finish I purchased through 
Letitia at The White Shed. Adding height to the display is a ladder holding three 
white tea towels I bought ages ago from Tracey over at French Larkspur...
The stone & glass candle holder is from a local homewares store.

My large bread board is from Provincial Home day it will
be replaced with an original vintage bread board...but for now the size & colour suit.
A jam jar holds our cheese knives and the plaque with it's vintage French wine graphic has a lovely charcoal stone texture. 

 I hope you have enjoyed a peek into some of my favourites...

Have a wonderful week


Home Again

Hi everyone I hope your having a wonderful weekend!

We had a fabulous couple of weeks away visiting family in Piction & friends in 
Bowral. I know I promised lots of autumn photos, but as usually happens I end 
up being too busy chatting & enjoying myself & forget to take are 
a couple I did manage to capture.

One of our most memorable cafe visits took place in Piction at R.CoffeeCo.
Decorated in a minimalist industrial style and with a simple backboard menu...

Also selling a small seasonal supply of micro herbs, organic sourdough breads & 
freshly grown vegetables. Their variety of pastries & cakes changes each day
and always serving fabulous coffee, perfect for the cold autumn days...

A highlight of our days in Bowral was a visit to Dirty Jane's Emporium & 
Antique Market - over 50 stall holders gathered under one roof selling 
every possible retro, antique & vintage treasure you can imagine....

The warehouse is so huge it is a bit overwhelming and you definately need
to allow plenty of time. I managed to buy a beautiful lace edged vintage
tablecloth but could have purchased so much more! 
A revisit in August is being planned with lots of room in the car to 
bring more goodies home...