Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday

Like most people one of the happiest days of the week for me is Friday...

I will spend the morning cleaning the house (often in my pyjamas shh), burning some
essential oils, planning a lovely evening meal & baking for the weekend...

I like to take my time in the afternoon, laying out a nice table complete with French
linens & cuttings from the garden....
 Dinner usually begins with a small antipasto or cheese plate & a glass of wine. 
Something light and casual to relax & unwind with.
Being winter tonight we will be having poulet cocotte grandmère 
 (grandmother's chicken casserole). We have been watching Le Tour de France 
and this is one of Gabriel Gate's recipes from Taste le Tour...

 For desert something light I think, lemon souffle with berry sauce...

I'll be back next week with the promised card tutorial & a little giveaway.
This week just seems to have gotten away with me!

Till then 


  1. It sounds like a lovely and delicious weekend!!

  2. Your table is so charming, and the meal sounds absolutely delish! So often, all of our girls are here with their hubbies for dinner, and it's all I can do to just pull it off! No fancy table or anything!
    That's pretty much holiday fare here!!

    How wonderful for your family that you go the extra mile, even after a full week of work!
    Hugs to you!

  3. Sounds like the perfect Friday to me too! x Sharon

  4. Beautiful!!! I use a similar wire basket for my table settings all the time :) Your trip to France next year sounds simply amazing!!!

    :) T

  5. What a lovely table and gorgeous wire basket. Your day sounds perfect! I'm off on Fridays and treasure the time at home preparing for the weekend.



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