Friday, June 29, 2012

Sneak Peak

 Hello to all my lovely & old!

Here is a peak at my inspiration board for a new range of homewares I have been 
busy working on in my studio this week...

A new series of clay decor tags & linen cushion covers...all based around
coastal inspiration. The colours of sand both wet & dry, winter shades of the ocean
& word and text that conjure up images of walks along the beach...

I have to admit it's been a hard week juggling family commitments & wanting to spend
every waking moment in the studio...waking up at 3am with a mountain of ideas & 
struggling to get back to sleep!

I need to get into the laundry & wash, grocery shop & bake for the coming weekend...but all
I want to do is put my ideas together & create!

I wonder do all of us creative mums/wives struggle with the same do you manage
your creativity when it is flowing?

I'd love to hear your thoughts & any tips you may have!

I'm off now to get to my list of chores and hopefully spend the afternoon in the studio...

Best wishes


  1. Oh Kerry! I don't know about other mums...but this one is definitely struggling to find time to fit it the creativity, photo taking, editing, listing, and blogging!! It is a balancing act for sure!

    I have been waking up, too!! Sometimes my mind just won't shut off with ideas! It drives me crazy!!

    I adore the sneak peek at your new coastal inspired collection! Can't wait to see more!!

    Blessings and hugs,

  2. I failed dismally when I had small children! Your inspiration board looks gorgeous. Penny x

  3. i love your mood board! my kids are now grown up so i get a lot more time to myself. something for you to look forward to. i find myself being very slack these days about making them regular dinners. they just have to do it themselves a lot of the time & they are used to coming home to tables filled with my creating.
    have a great weekend.

  4. Oooo but that looks like some very fun stuff coming up! Like - a LOT!


I love to hear your thoughts & comments & appreciate every one!

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