Wedding Favors

My kitchen has once again been filled with the sweet smelling
aromas of caramelised sugar & fluffy meringues...

You may remember my home baked Christmas gifts last year - Vanilla & Coffee 
Meringues together with small jars of Salted Butter Caramel Sauce...

A work collegue of my husband's was so impressed ~
she asked me to bake them for her bonbonnieres.

I've been making the paper bags with little windows, baking & labelling
the meringues. Cooking the caramel sauce to a lovely rich copper colour
& bottling it into elegant square jars decorated with ribbons & bows.

Baskets of luscious meringues ready for packaging... Each bag held two 
large meringues, one coffee & one vanilla. We decided to add a little 
damask pattern to the label to give the bags a touch of wedding formality... 

For an intimate Autumn wedding of forty guests they made a 
unique wedding favor to take home... especially for those 
with a sweet tooth!