Dreaming of a Kitchen Garden

Towards the end of last year we pulled up our old vegetable garden beds with a view to relocating them and all I have left are some thyme & self-seeded dill in amongst the roses.

I dearly miss my fresh herbs & vegetables, so now that the weather is getting a little cooler, my thoughts are turning to creating the kitchen garden I have always dreamed of. 

The past week I have been busy painting the walls and shelves of our new walk-in-pantry - getting ready for a big reveal next week!  It has been a long time finishing this project as we had a burst of hot weather right when I was ready to begin painting and it became impossible to even consider. 

I love symmetry in a garden and always try to incorporate this into my designs. With this in mind my perfect kitchen garden will look something like this - 

via Velvet & Linen

Four smaller beds and lovely gravel pathways. My focal point at the end will be an old timber table I plan on redoing and filling with pots & plants to create a much needed potting station.
I also love the obelisks in the centre of each bed to grow lovely beans, peas & tomatoes.
The garden will be located just outside the chicken run but I plan on letting the chickens in for an hour
or so each week to help keep the pests down or maybe I shouldn't as two of them are known
to devour my herbs!

have a wonderful weekend