Love Pendant Lights

A lazy Sunday morning, cup of tea in hand, browsing the internet for some pendant lighting 
inspirations for my walk-in-pantry.

I adore the shape & finish of this light, unfortunately they don't ship to Australia :(
via Jolly Molly UK

Similar in shape but in more of an antique zinc colour is this one...

via Recollections

For a more rustic look, reminiscent of vintage milk cans...

via Brauebirds

Another style I love are these wire pendant lights. I have seen them in a lot of magazines lately, sold 
as a set of five. Don't they look stunning together?

But they are also available as a single light! I'm so excited 
this is the one I will be ordering...

via Touch Interiors

Which would be your preference? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Till next time, have a great weekend