Clay Garlands

I've been busy in my studio finishing work on some clay garlands I've been
playing around with lately...

French & Sparrow

Petite hearts.....& stars for Christmas....

French & Sparrow

Stamped on both sides with gorgeous French script. That way when they twist
and turn the script will still be visible...

French  & Sparrow

Can be hung both vertically or horizontally.

French & Sparrow

Tied with soft off-white linen string from O-Check

French & Sparrow

These garlands can be found at French & Sparrow's Etsy Store
enjoy the rest of your week 

Fresh Eggs

Free range eggs daily

The sun is shining again and so I've taken advantage of the beautiful spring weather
to finally get some photos of my girls.......

We bought a variety of hens. A Wellsummer, a Wyandotte, Two Bantam Buff
Sussex, a Barnevelder & a Plymoth Rock......that way we get different sized &
coloured eggs.

Miss Maple

Miss Maple is the leader of the group. The first to dive into the corn or whatever
treat I give them....She is bossy & greedy and will often come up to the back deck
always looking for more. But she looks after her group very well chasing away
crows & other birds.
Lady Cluckington

Lady Cluckington, or Lady as we call her for short (my son named her) lays the
largest eggs, I don't know how she does it! Her double yolkers weigh nearly 100gms....
She is a Plymoth Rock and has the most beautiful grey feathers. Lady also loves to
eat my herbs especially mint.

Daphne & Daisy, Luna & Lady
The twins are the most curious of the group. Like two little old ladies they 
poke their beaks into everything that is going on. Daisy is 'broody' at the moment
which means she is not laying and continually sits on the nest. She is very quick to 
acquire the other girls eggs as her own. She had an adorable clutch of four eggs
underneath her the other day. She has been this way for a couple of weeks now and
I think it is time to quarantine her to break the broodiness.

Luna is our most reliable layer. Every day she gives us a beautiful medium
pinky brown egg. She is also the loudest! She likes her privacy to lay,
if the other girls are in the boxes she will squark to let everyone
know she is not happy. 

Miss Ruby

And finally Miss Ruby.....the quietest most placid beautiful girl.  She is a dutch
Barnevelder and lays lovely brown eggs.

The girls free range in our yard all day.......enjoying their dust baths underneath
my roses! And every evening at dusk they waddle along into the coop to bed.

The abundance of eggs everyday ensures my neighbours are happy and I have
baked some amazing recipes to use up the eggs. Poached eggs on Sundays,
mayonnaise, creme anglaise, meringues, but our favourite would be a French
basque custard takes 14 eggs, very rich but delicious!

A beautiful sunny morning will find me sitting on our deck with a coffee, watching
the girls as they meander through the garden.........would you like to join me?

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A Few Favourites

There is something special about this time of year.....those early days of spring
with the sun shining and blossoms on the trees.
I set out this morning with a list of things to do.......alas they will have to wait for
another day.

Some favourites from my home......vintage bobbins & paper twine, French vintage
linens & some new linen toile.

Enjoy the week to come

Life's Journey

Apologies for being missing in action the past couple of weeks.......

We had a family emergency with my Dad having an abdominal aneurysm discovered
that was very close to rupturing. Amazingly his Chiropractor's wife was going
through their records and had noticed that my Dad hadn't had an x-ray for six
years. They like to x-ray the spine every two to keep an eye on it all.

He was due to go on a two week holiday and could easily have put it off until he
returned. Thankfully he had the x-ray only to discover the 8cm aneurysm and was
rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. Everything went well and as they were
able to complete the operation using stent surgery his recovery has been remarkable.

I've always been a believer in listening to those little messages you get ....those
little nagging thoughts you can easily ignore.

Often life gets so hectic and busy we push them aside or they get drowned out
by other important things.....

Dad's experience has taught me how important it is to find some space either
through meditation or just time alone and listen to those important inner

In the past few years I am ashamed to admit having stopped my yoga & meditation
practice. My only excuse is that I moved and haven't found a teacher I like.
(Not a very good one is it?)

So time to set some personal goals.......

1. Look after myself more today...not!!!
2. Practice yoga & meditation excuses!
3. Drink more water
4. Excercise & eat well
5. Show my family & friends how much I love them.....
6. Enjoy nature

That's my small list.....not too ambitious.