Petite Armoire

For about eight months last year, while juggling work commitments, 
I held a stall at our local Sunday markets. 
It was great fun and very successful and gave me the confidence to 
continue with my designs. The downside was dealing with the very inclement 
weather we have here in Melbourne, especially the 5am set ups in wind & rain.

One particularly cold, foggy morning, as I was setting up my marquee, I spied 
a new stallholder unloading this baby...

I actually think my heart skipped a beat when I saw her and I couldn't 
put the sold sign on fast enough!

For the next nine hours I watched as customer after customer examined her and 
questioned the stallholder - couldn't they see the large red sold sign! I was told
later she could have been sold twenty times over!

Her beautiful arch, wooden appliques designs & a vintage lock & key caught 
my eye. There is even an adorable hidden compartment perfect to 
hold an assortment of bits & pieces 

So now I have been pondering what type of makeover to give this baby!
She is already beautifully shabby on the front but I don't feel it marries well 
with the other sides and my tastes are now leaning towards 
a more finished painted style.

Would I be ruining her 'shabbyness' by painting her in some beautiful creamy whites?

She is rather sad inside and I have considered replacing her top shelf 
with a dowel rod in order to hang my cushion panels and also
replace and reorder the lower two shelves to custom fit some basketry inside.


To paint or not to paint, to strip and reveal her bare wood 
with a wax finish or to continue with her shabbiness?

There are simply too many choices and I am scared of 
making the wrong decision.........any feedback greatly appreciated! 

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House Guests

Our guests have come and gone......two weeks, two different families. 

I love having guests come to stay and do my best to make them feel welcome. 

Little touches like fresh flowers on bedside tables and a stack of books to browse through.
 Lots of cooking & sharing recipes.....and a wine or two!

 Long conversations around the dining table....

Special outings with fabulous coffee & more food....

However today I am exhausted!

Take A Seat

 On a sun-blessed winter's afternoon, there is nothing more inviting than to curl up with a favourite book....

 in an area that is far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life......

an absence of electronic equipment, natural light, a comfortable chair, pillows & a throw rug.....
My idea of Sunday afternoon heaven!

A warm welcome to all my new followers & a thank you for your lovely comments!