Tuesday, February 25, 2014

summer in pictures

I indulged in a super long extended summer break this year... you may have noticed my absence from
facebook & blogging. I felt the lure of the ocean & the need to relax in the sunshine. I am sure my vitamin D levels needed a good boost!

Christmas was one of those hectic occasions again this year. We ended up being really busy with family commitments & by the time it was over I looked back & realised I had been too busy to take photos! I cannot believe it  ~ I am usually the one who photographs everyone else & am rarely in the picture.

So when January arrived an escape to the beach was planned & we headed up to the north coast of New South Wales for a week then further up to Broadbeach for a long weekend. Days spent swimming in the warm ocean & catching up with friends, dining out on gorgeous seafood, people watching from cafes & wandering around markets buying fresh produce.

I had also made a commitment to myself that this year would be spent being a little more about me.
Sounds very indulgent doesn't it but us ladies are well known for putting ourselves last & family first... I have certainly done that over the years.

and there is nothing quite like walking barefoot in the sand to recharge yourself body & soul...

Around the home I've simplified & rearrange my shelf in the kitchen to include some favourite photos from our trip to Provence last year...

I've also been working in the garden. Our figs & lemons are growing well - love the gorgeous fruits that summer brings don't you?


some light summer reading... I bought this book from kikki.K - love the organisation in this shop. I have only just started reading it but I am hoping it will help me organise my time more this year.

 See you soon with an Easter update for the shops...


Thursday, December 19, 2013

christmas rush around

 I am finally getting around the putting up the Christmas decorations in our home! I cannot believe
how long it has taken me this year.  I have been really distracted trying to get on top of
all of those little jobs on my very long 'to do' list. You know the list.... we all have them &
especially if you are an ideas kind of girl! 

I bought these gorgeous cane baskets awhile ago now. They are perfect for storing our
fresh eggs from our hens... 

At the time I loved the black trim...but when I finally got around to ordering some Annie
Sloan ChalkPaint (another thing ticked off the list), I couldn't resist painting over the black.

 It's taking about three coats to cover the black...

but being about 40°c outside today it's not taking long to dry at all...

I love how fresh they look now... is there nothing white paint can't fix!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

weekend in the garden...

We've had so much spring rain... it has slowed us down with any gardening jobs we would normally do at this time of year ~ mulching & weeding etc.

The roses are blooming... the palest creamy old fashioned english rose has the tiniest sharpest thorns & soft blown petals. For some reason it never lasts longer than two or three days before the petals drop...

The apricot rose was an anniversary gift a few years ago... I cannot remember the name but I love the washed out colours together. 

Our crab apple is starting to bloom... it's a very old gnarly tree & always produces a lot of fruit. I've been saving my jam jars so that I can make some crab-apple jelly to have with biscuits & cheese...

It's a little late flowering this year as it's been slower to warm up here in Melbourne...

but with the amount of rain we have had I am hoping for a good crop...

 We planted a pink lady apple two years ago & this is the first year it has flowered... 

soft white blossoms that float away in the breeze...
I adore the scent of lilacs, we planted two white lilacs in our front yard this year... this is the
first bloom we have had! So excited I can't wait until I can pick bunches of these to bring inside...

Our box hedges along the front yard are filled with classic white iceburg roses...

love how the petals of white stand out against the green hedge...

Thursday, October 17, 2013

weathered wicker, linen & greywashing our front door

Over the last few months I have been giving our entryway a little makeover. We first replaced
the front door with a Tassie Oak, half french door & hung a lovely soft linen Myriad curtain panel I bought from Tricia at Rough Linen

I first stained the door a maple colour & am now in the process of limewashing it with a soft grey. This took some convincing at the local paint store ~ they have never heard of anyone greywashing their front door before but the owner kindly made me up some samples & custom
mixed a colour. I'm not sure how many coats of greywash I will use but I can slowly add more until I get the perfect soft grey look I love. The last coat will be a waterproof sealer to protect the timber.

Beautifully light & airy, the linen curtain catches the breeze on a warm spring day...

This grey washed mirror is a favourite of mine ~ both for the gorgeous shape & soft colour...

Worn, weathered wicker... I've had this chair for about twelve years now &it just keeps aging beautifully. The seat would giveway if anyone sat on it which is why it is always filled with pillows!

 These cushion covers made from vintage linen & taupe ticking are still not finished... 
 haven't decided whether I prefer the tie closure or a button & fabric loop. The tie I made from the vintage linen looks and feels little stiff. 

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Monday, October 14, 2013

sunday moments....

lady & miss daisy
    Hope you have had a good weekend? Mine was busy catching up on a few things around
    the home... didn't quite get everything ticked off the list as the spring weather bought 
   some more showers & a cooler Sunday... the painting I had planned will have to wait

madame maple
   The girls were anxious to be let out of their yard... the grass & worms are always better on
   our side of the fence...

    We are back to getting five eggs a day now... only one chicken is holding out but I can't
    work out which one it is yet. The large egg on the left was laid by Lady, our big black 
  & grey chicken.  All of our chickens are heritage breeds... we have two white Sussex,
a Barnevelder & two brown Wyandottes. Lady is a Plymouth Rock.

   I picked up some blueberries at the local market... love this time of year when the berries are
   in season! The family came over for our regular late lunch early dinner Sunday so I baked a
   blueberry clafoutis for desert.... needed to use up some of our eggs and this recipe took eight.

Don't you just love how yellow fresh eggs turn your baking... & I love baking clafoutis. You
can use any seasonal fruit but berries or cherries are better...

500g fresh berries
150g caster sugar
3 free-range eggs
5 free-range egg yolks
375ml pouring cream
30g plain flour
75g ground almonds
1 pinch of salt
icing sugar for dusting

preheat your oven to 170°c. lightly grease a pie dish
beat together sugar, eggs & egg yolks for 2-3 minutes
add cream & beat a further 1 minute or until smooth

in a separate bowl combine the flour & almonds & make a well in
the centre, slowly add the egg mixture stirring constantly till smooth
fold through your berries or fruit
pour into your pie dish
place your pie dish into a larger oven dish & fill this to halfway with boiling water
bake for 20-25 minutes until firm to the touch
dust with icing sugar & serve with a dollop of cream or ice-cream


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Thursday, October 3, 2013

decorating with grey

 It is a very grey day here... with the rain coming down hard against the windows.

The calender tells me it is spring & I cannot believe it is already October... where
has this year gone? But with the weather we have had - howling winds, low temperatures & thunderstorms I have reluctantly had to turn the heater back on...  

This seems the best place to be snuggled under a blanket sipping a hot cup of tea, 
& writing this post...

 I have lots of projects currently underway in our home ~ slowly adding more chalky 
tones of grey... these are some of my favourite items throughout my home...

grey lamp in our dining room

madeleine trays, grey wire basket & scrolly shelf brackets - all from our kitchen

vintage script poster in our dining room

grey linen napkins

another grey lamp... these are now in our bedroom

 I will be sharing more 'greys' with you soon, for now have a happy grey day &
I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!

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